In 1911, Texas City holds the first city elections and is incorporated with a mayor/commissioner form of governance. The Texas City Board of Trade is started. Texas City Civic Club begins. The Texas City Dike is completed. A U.S. Army camp containing the headquarters of the 6th Brigade and the 1st Aero Squadron is established in Texas City as a precautionary defense for possible war with Mexico. This causes the young city to grow very rapidly for about two years. In 1915 another hurricane destroys the Army camp and the camp is closed, causing an immediate and very severe economic downturn.

1920 population: 2,509 people

Board of Trade, Texas City, in 1911

The Texas City grain elevator in 1911

A bird's eye view of Texas City warehouses and track lines in 1911

Inside Warehouse No. 3 on the Texas City docks about 1911. The products shown are rolls of wire and lugs of nails.

Tarpey election poster in 1911

A bird's eye view of industrial plants and free sites for manufacturers in 1912

Coal ship Davis Coal and Coke Co. dock in 1912

A view of the camp of the 6th Brigade

A partial view of the town of Texas City in 1913

An aerial view of the port at Texas City

Army wagons on rail flatcars at the Texas city depot in 1913

A view of the Main Street, looking south from 10th Avenue
(June 13, 1913)

The Army on the move, on horseback

Wagon train of the 27th Inf. in Texas City in 1913

Engineer's camp at Texas City in 1913

The 2nd Field Hospital at Texas City in 1913

A panorama view of the early aeroplanes

An aerial panorama of the Army camp in Texas City

A bird's eye view of entire Army mobilization camp in Texas City

The telegram to K.R. Guthrie on completion of the Texas City channel deepening in 1914

S.S. Pawnee in port

After the 1915 hurricane in Texas City

After the 1915 hurricane in Texas City

Early port scene at Texas City

At the docks in Texas City

A large cotton press at Texas City

Steel and wire products at steel and concrete Warehouse B in Texas City

In front of the Gonne Company in early Texas City

Wagon train in Texas City

Texas City trolley service

Wedell's Corner historical marker

The first post office at Texas City

In the warehouse at Texas City

The Ice House in Texas City

The Texas City Railway Terminal

Kohfeldt School in Texas City

Texas City juniors outside of Wolvin School

Col. Hugh B. Moore in his office in 1915

Aug. 16, 1915 newspaper article (source not identified) after a damaging hurricane

Portrait of Col. Hugh B. Moore in military uniform

Col. Hugh B. Moore in uniform and Helen Moore in front of a house

Helen Moore and Hugh Benton Moore 1919

Voting card, Helen Moore, June 29, 1918 (Texas passed the federal amendment, giving voting rights to women in 1919)

Bulk sulphur for Texas Gulf Sulphur Co., 1919

At the Texas City docks (undated photograph)