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Adult Book Lists: A Look into the Future: Stories Set in the Future

[Printable book list]

Cixin Liu / SF LIU
Remembrance of Earth's Past Series
The Three-Body Problem (ebook)
The Dark Forest (ebook)
Death's End (ebook)

Emily St. John Mandel / FIC MANDEL
Station Eleven (audiobook and ebook)

Margaret Atwood / FIC ATWOOD
The Handmaid's Tale (large print, audiobook, and ebook)

John Scalzi / SF SCALZI
Lock In (large print and ebook)

Dave Eggers / FIC EGGERS
The Circle (large print, audiobook, and ebook)

Hugh Howey / SF HOWEY
Wool (ebook)

Paolo Bacigulupi / SF BACIGALU
The Water Knife (audiobook and ebook)

Kim Stanley Robinson / SF ROBINSON
New York 2140

H. G. Wells / SF WELLS
The Time Machine (print version contained in book titled "The Complete future Fiction Treasury of H. G. Wells" (audiobook and DVD)

Kim Harrison / FIC HARRISON
The Peri Reed Chronicles
The Drafter (ebook)
The Operator

Marcus Sakey / FIC SAKEY
Brilliance Saga
Brilliance (audiobook)
A Better World
Written in Fire

William Gibson / SF GIBSON
The Peripheral (audiobook)

Linda Nagata / SF NAGATA
The Red Series
The Red: First Light (ebook)
The Trials
Going Dark

Christopher Farnsworth / FIC FARNSWOR
John Smith Series

Madeline Ashby / SF ASHBY
Company Town

Daniel Suarez / FIC SUAREZ

Ernest Cline / SF CLINE
Ready Player One (large print, audiobook and ebook)

Charles Stross / SF STROSS
Halting State Series
Halting State
Rule 34

Ramez Naam / SF NAAM
Nexus Series

Neal Stephenson / SF STEPHENS
Seveneves (ebook)

Ian McDonald / SF MCDONALD
The Dervish House

Cory Doctorow / SF DOCTOROW

Mira Grant / FIC GRANT
Newsflash Trilogy
Feedback (ebook)

Daryl Gregory / SF GREGORY

Charlie Anders / SF ANDERS
All the Birds in the Sky (ebook)

Octavia E. Butler / SF BUTLER
Earthseed Series
Parable of the Sower (ebook)
Parable of the Talents (ebook)

Malka Older / SF OLDER
Centenal Cycle Series
Null States

Simon Morden / SF MORDEN
Equations of Life

Dexter Clarence Palmer / SF PALMER
Version Control

Peter Watts / SF WATTS
Rifters Series

Connie Willis / SF WILLIS
Crosstalk (ebook)

Drew Magary / FIC MAGARY
The Postmortal

Sylvain Neuvel / SF NEUVEL
Only Human Series
Sleeping Giants
Waking Gods

Ted Chiang
Stories of Your Life and Others (Only on ebook)

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