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Adult Book Lists: Psychics in Fiction

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The Lace Reader

Court of Angels series
The Millet family has had psychic abilities passed down from generation to generation. Now it seems there are forces that want to destroy the members of this family. While fighting these forces, the women of the family might just find love, as well.

Out of Body
Out of Mind
Out of Sight

Accidentally Engaged

The Cassie Palmer series
Cassie Palmer is hiding from the vampire who killed her parents and raised her as his pet psychic. Cassie can see and speak with the dead, and she is also clairvoyant. In this series, Cassie must help the vampire council in ways she never expected, become the last thing she wanted to be, and spend lots of time with the sexy Mircea, the elder brother of Dracula.

Touch the Dark
Embrace the Night
Claimed by Shadow
Curse the Dawn
Hunt the Moon

The Forever Trilogy
Darci has always been able to get her way using her "abilities" to persuade. Then she becomes the PA of Adam Montgomery. Soon, Darci finds out that Adam needs more than just her office skills, her needs her abilities to help find out what happened to his parents, but will they both also find love? In the later books, Adam is kidnapped, and Darci has to use her gifts to find him (by helping the FBI).

Forever â?¦ A Novel of Good and Evil, Love and Hope
Forever and Always

The Ghostwalker series
These military men and women possess psychic abilities that were enhanced. Now these men and women face death as they are target to be destroyed by a traitor. Can they overcome the odds, figure out how to use their abilities, and maybe find some love in the process?

Shadow Game
Mind Game
Night Game
Conspiracy Game
Deadly Game (on audio, too)
Predatory Game
Murder Game
Street Game (on audio, too)
Ruthless Game (on audio, too)

Hex and the Single Girl

The Presence

The Phoenix Chronicles
Elizabeth Phoenix has always had psychic powers, but after finding her foster mother murdered in her kitchen, Liz starts experiencing horrific visions of monsters. Then her ex, Jimmy Sanducci tells her that she must become a warrior in the future battles to stop the end of the world.

Any Given Doomsday
Doomsday Can Wait
Apocalypse Happens
Chaos Bites

Legacy of Love

Touching Evil

Pandora's Daughter

Arcane Society
The Arcane House houses a society founded by an alchemist in the 1600s. The members of the house seem to have psychic abilities, and there are others out there that would like the secret to these abilities for their own. These powers continue down into the present in the United States and the future world of Harmony.

Nearly all of the titles below are also available as audiobooks as well.

Second Sight (FIC QUICK; also on audiobook)
White Lies (FIC KRENTZ)
Sizzle and Burn (FIC KRENTZ)
The Third Circle (FIC QUICK)
Running Hot (FIC KRENTZ)
The Perfect Poison (FIC QUICK)
Fired Up (FIC KRENTZ; first in Dreamlight Trilogy)
Burning Lamp (FIC QUICK; second in Dreamlight Trilogy)
Midnight Crystal (FIC CASTLE; third in Dreamlight Trilogy)
In Too Deep (FIC KRENTZ; first in Looking Glass Trilogy)
Quicksilver (FIC QUICK; second in Looking Glass Trilogy)
Canyons of Night (FIC CASTLE; third in Looking Glass Trilogy)

Fan Mail

That's Amore

Black Light: A Novel

The Fortune Quilt

The FBI Psychics series
Psychic Taige Branch finds herself meeting the man who broke her heart when they were teenagers. Cullen Morgan blamed Taige for being unable to stop his mother's murder. Years later, the widower needs Taige's help to find his missing daughter.

In the second book, Agent Taylor Jones makes it a mission to protect his agents, even the psychic ones, such as "Dez" Lincoln. Then the two end up working together to solve a death in his old hometown. Will these couples be able to work through their issues and find love together?

The Missing
The Departed

A Vintage Magic Mystery series
Madeira "Maddie" Cutler loves to design clothes as a successful designer in New York. She can also see the dead, if she happens to be touching their clothing. This causes problems for Maddie, when she is called home to Mystic Falls, Conn., for her little sister's wedding.

Will her abilities lead her to some interesting problems with the wedding? Later on, Maddie decides to open a vintage clothes store in Mystic Falls. What other kinds of past mysteries can she find waiting in those old clothes?

A Veiled Deception
Larceny and Lace
Death by Diamonds
Skirting the Grave

Psychic Eye Mysteries series
Abby Cooper is a psychic intuitive. Then one day, one of her clients ends up dead, and the clues point to Abby. Then she gets set up on a blind date (unknowingly to a cop). Dutch does not believe in Abby's abilities at first, but as time goes on, he finds it hard not to.

In the future books, Abby finds herself falling into more and more mysteries, and hopefully, with Dutch's help, she can get through and find the real culprits.

Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye
Better Read than Dead
A Vision of Murder
Killer Insight
Crime Scene
Death Perception
Doom with a View
A Glimpse of Evil
Vision Impossible

Ghost Hunter Mysteries
M.J. Holliday can see and speak with dead people. She had done readings before, but now she prefers to exorcize spirits from haunted houses. Her partner and best friend, Gilley, introduces her to Dr. Steven Sable, who wants her to find out what really happened to his grandfather.

Does Dr. Sable get to M.J. in more ways that just being in the way of her investigation? In the later books, Dr. Sable buys into the company, and he joins them on other ghostbusting adventures.

What's a Ghoul to Do?
Demons are a Ghoul's Best Friend
Ghouls Just Haunt to Have Fun
Ghouls Gone Wild
Ghouls, Ghouls, Ghouls
Ghoul Interrupted

Restless Spirit

The Lucy Valentine series
Lucy Valentine is given the family's matchmaking business when her parents decide to retire. Lucy's family has the ability to see people's auras and match them up based on this ability. Unfortunately, Lucy was zapped by lightning, and all she can do is find lost objects. Then inspiration hits Lucy: Help people find lost loves.

With her private eye neighbor's (Sean Donahue) help, can Lucy use her abilities to help her clients find love? At the same time, can she maybe find a little for herself with the private eye?

Truly, Madly
Deeply, Desperately
Absolutely, Positively

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