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Adult Book Lists: Detectives in Science Fiction

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The Dresden Files
Harry Dresden is the only wizard in the phone book, as long as you don't want a love potion. In between private investigator jobs, Harry is a consultant for the Chicago Police Department's Special Investigation Unit (for hard-to-explain crimes). Harry does his best to do what he believes is right, even when others (especially other wizards) refuse to believe it.

Storm Front
Fool Moon
Grave Peril
Summer Knight
Death Masks
Blood Rites
Dead Beat (on audio, too)
Proven Guilty (on audio, too)
White Night
Small Favor
Turn Coat
Side Jobs
Ghost Story (on audio, too)

The Garrett Files
Garrett is a human private investigator in a world filled with different fantasy races (dark elves, grolls, unicorns, centaurs, gnomes, and many others) called "breeds." He is often hired to solve their cases, even if things may get a little too dangerous for a human.

The Garrett Files
Garrett Takes the Case: Old Tin Sorrows/Dread Brass Shadows/Red Iron Nights

Grimnoir Chronicles
Jake Sullivan is a "heavy" (he can alter gravitational forces), and he is offered parole from prison by J. Edgar Hoover (1930s) to help track down other dangerous "actives." Soon, Jake finds the government is manipulating him, and there is another group, Grimnoir, that is fighting the government and the Chairman.

Hard Magic

Nicholas Segalla series
Nicholas Segalla is an immortal investigator looking into the mysteries of time, such as the murder of Mary, Queen of Scots' husband, and the disappearance of the dauphin of France, Louis XVI's son.

A Time for the Death of a King
The Prince Lost to Time
In the Time of the Poisoned Queen
The Time of Murder at Mayerling

Thursday Next series
In a 1985 where the new crimes involve the old classics, Thursday Next has her hands full. Someone has decided to kidnap Jane Eyre. Literary Detective Thursday Next has to get everything back to rights again. In a world where literature and art lead to riots and evil doers, there needs to be someone in the middle to stop the insanity within the real world and the book world.

The Eyre Affair
Lost in a Good Book
The Well of Lost Plots
Something Rotten (on audio, too)
First Among Sequels
One of Our Thursdays is Missing

Nightside series
John Taylor does not consider himself to be a private detective (exactly), but he is pretty good at finding lost things. One lost thing he is looking for leads him back into the Nightside (filled with all kinds of nasty things), where he finds that he often has to take back up those fights he thought he had left behind.

Something from the Nightside
Agents of Light and Darkness
Nightingale's Lament
Paths Not Taken
Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth
Hell to Pay
The Unnatural Inquirer
Just Another Judgment Day
The Good, the Bad, and the Uncanny
A Hard Day's Knight
The Bride Wore Black Leather

Secret Histories series
Eddie Drood's family knows all about the things that go bump in the night, and they all protect humanity from them. Unfortunately for Eddie, the other members of his family have become convinced he is one that needs to be destroyed. Even if it comes out alright, will Eddie be able to hold back the all the "bumps" and his family?

The Man with the Golden Torc
Daemons are Forever
The Spy Who Haunted Me
From Hell With Love
For Heaven's Eyes Only

Ghostfinders series
The three main characters: JC Chance, Melody Chambers, and Jack Palmer work for the Carnacki Institute, which is there to clean up the bad places made by ghosts. They have a counterpart in the Crowley Institute, whose second mission is to take them out.

Ghost of a Chance
Ghost of a Smile

Harper Connelly series
Harper Connelly was a normal girl going through a tough time, when she was struck by lightning. Now, she can find the dead, and she can see and feel the last things that they felt. Harper uses these abilities to make a living, and she travels around with her stepbrother, Tolliver. She finds the body and any others she may cross along the way. However, some people may not want Harper to find what she's looking for.

Grave Sight
Grave Surprise
An Ice Cold Grave
Grave Secret (in large print, too)

The Hollows series
Rachel Morgan is a bounty hunter and a witch. She becomes fed up with the agency she is working for and decides to go into business with some friends. In a world full of vampires, demons, witches, and more, it's good to have someone keeping the worst elements busy.

Dead Witch Walking
The Good, the Bad, and the Undead
Every Which Way But Dead
A Fistful of Charms
For a Few Demons More
The Outlaw Demon Wails
White Witch, Black Curse
Black Magic Sanction
Pale Demon
A Perfect Blood

Victoria Nelson series
Victoria Nelson was a cop, until her eye condition rendered her unfit for duty. Now she works as a private detective. Vicki witnesses a supernatural murder that leads to her meet Henry Fitzroy, the illegitimate son of Henry VIII (a vampire). Can Henry help Vicki with these new supernatural cases she is working on? Will this partnership cause problems with her ex-partner, Mike Celluci?

The Blood Books: Volume 1
The Blood Books: Volume 2
The Blood Books: Volume 3

October Daye series
October "Toby" Daye is a changeling (half human/ half fae). She tried a normal life as a private investigator, until a curse lost her 14 years. Now Toby is putting the pieces of her life back together, and she wants out of the fae world. Unfortunately, the fae world has other ideas.

Rosemary and Rue
A Local Habitation
An Artificial Night
Late Eclipses
One Salt Sea

Takeshi Kovacs series
Takeshi Kovacs was killed on a planet far from home, and then he was "re-sleeved" into a body in Bay City. The group that paid for his re-sleeving wants answers in exchange for Kovacs' freedom. Kovacs is not very good at following rules, though, other than his own.

Altered Carbon
Broken Angels

Walker Papers
Joanne Walker is a Seattle cop, but she soon starts developing powers that she knows nothing about. Joanne is becoming a Shaman of both Celtic and American Indian traditions, and she has to face all of the foes that come with the new position.

Urban Shaman
Thunderbird Falls
Coyote Dreams
Walking Dead
Demon Hunts
Spirit Dances
Raven Calls

Greywalker series
Harper Blaine is private investigator in Seattle whose two minute death has made her a Greywalker, with the ability to move between this world and the Grey. This change in abilities also brings with it a change in her client list, and the dangers she will find herself in.


Remy Chandler series
Remy Chandler is a private investigator in Boston, and he has certain abilities (becoming invisible, speaking any language) that help him out. This is because Remy is an angel that chose to live on Earth, instead of in heaven. Now Remy finds himself being drawn into cases that can lead to the destruction of Earth.

A Kiss Before the Apocalypse
Where Angels Fear to Tread
A Hundred Words for Hate

The Repairman Jack series
Repairman Jack is a man with certain skills that handles situations for people that the cops can't. No one ever says that the jobs will be easy, or that Jack will end up handling more than he thought.

The Tomb
All the Rage
The Haunted Air
Blood Line
By the Sword
Ground Zero
Fatal Error
The Dark at the End

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