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Teen Book Lists: Back in Time

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Karen Akins / YP FIC AKINS
Error-prone Bree Bennis, sixteen, will lose her scholarship if she cannot pass Quantum Paradox 101, but inadvertently brings a twenty-first century boy back with her, then enlists his help in discovering who is attacking time travelers in the twenty-third century.

Pedro de Alcantara / YP FIC ALCANTAR
While playing a dangerous subway prank, a fifteen-year-old slacker, who lives a comfortable life in Brooklyn, falls through a time-travel vortex and is transported to different time periods in twentieth-century New York City, where he learns firsthand about hardship.

Scott Bly / YP FIC BLY
Charlie, a math genius with otherworldly skills, is plucked out of his own time by Geneva, a bionic girl from the future, and recruited to help defeat a tycoon who plans to unleash a deadly biological computer virus that will enslave the world.

Ann Brashares / YP FIC BRASHARE
The Here and Now (also available on audiobook and in ebook)
Prenna, an immigrant who moved to New York when she was twelve, came from another time and she and the other travelers must follow strict rules to avoid destroying the new life they have worked so hard to get, as well as the one person Prenna is desperate to protect.

Herbie Brennan / YP FIC BRENNAN
The Doomsday Box: a Shadow Project Adventure
Working on a highly-classified espionage project, four English teenagers go back in time to the Cold War in 1962 to prevent a global outbreak of the bubonic plague in the twenty-first century.

Penelope Bush / YP FIC BUSH
Alice in Time
As her self-centered behavior spirals out of control, fourteen-year-old Alice gets an unusual chance to fix her whole disastrous life when she is mysteriously spirited back in time.

Rachel Carter / YP FIC CARTER
So Close to You Series
So Close to You
This Strange and Familiar Place
Find Me Where the Water Ends
When Lydia stumbles into a portal that transports her to a dangerous and strange new reality, she discovers that all the stories she's ever heard about the Montauk Project are true, and that she's in the middle of one of the most dangerous experiments in history.

Eoin Colfer / YP FIC COLFER
W.A.R.P. Series
The Reluctant Assassin (also available on audiobook)
The Hangman's Revolution
The Forever Man
Riley, an unenthusiastic assassin in training, becomes a time-traveling crimestopper.

Julie Cross / YP FIC CROSS
Tempest Trilogy
Tempest (also available on audiobook)
After his girlfriend Holly is killed, Jackson uses his supernatural abilities and travels back in time two years, where he falls in love with Holly all over again and discovers powerful enemies of time who will stop at nothing to recruit him for their own purposes.

Joaquín Dorfman / YP FIC DORFMAN
The Long Wait for Tomorrow
High school senior Patrick's life is a mess, but when his best friend, star quarterback Kelly McDermott, suddenly begins behaving very strangely, Patrick must do as he always has and put Kelly's needs first.

Helen Douglas / YP FIC DOUGLAS
After Eden
Eden, sixteen, must choose between helping Ryan, a time-traveler, and her best friend Connor who, according to Ryan, is about to become famous through a significant scientific discovery that will, ultimately ruin the world.

Brian Falkner / YP FIC FALKNER
The Project
After discovering a terrible secret hidden in the most boring book in the world, Luke and Tommy find out that members of a secret Nazi organization intend to use this information to rewrite history.

Sherry D. Ficklin / YP FIC FICKLIN
Lex, a time-traveler who seeks to go back in time and prevent his girlfriend's death, infiltrates the Tesla Institute to find the hidden technology to do so, and meets Ember, who hides a dark secret about both of their pasts.

Catherine Fisher / YP FIC FISHER
Obsidian Mirror Series
The Obsidian Mirror
The Slanted Worlds
The Door in the Moon
When his father disappears while experimenting with a black mirror that is a portal to both the past and the future, Jake encounters obstacles when he tries to use the mirror to find his father.

Kerstin Geir / YP FIC GIER
Ruby Red Trilogy
Ruby Red
Sapphire Blue
Emerald Green (also available on audiobook)
Gwyneth discovers that she, rather than her well-prepared cousin, carries a time-travel gene, and soon she is journeying through time trying to unravel her destiny.

Colleen Gleason / YP FIC GLEASON
The Clockwork Scarab (also available in ebook)
In 1889 London young women are turning up dead, and Evaline Stoker, relative of Bram, and Mina Holmes, niece of Sherlock, are summoned to investigate the clue of the not-so-ancient Egyptian scarabs--but where does a time traveler fit in?

Shaunta Grimes / YP FIC GRIMES
Viral Nation
In a world ravaged by disease, The Company has the cure. A cure taken by traveling to the future. Brilliant but autistic, sixteen-year-old Clover Donovanis drafted into the Time Mariners, a team of Company operatives who travel through time to gather news about the future, but what she finds could unravel everything.

Marissa Guibord / YP FIC GUIBORD
When Tessa Brody comes into possession of an ancient unicorn tapestry, she is plummeted into sixteenth-century England, where her life is intertwined with that of a handsome nobleman who is desperately trying to escape a terrible fate.

Donna Hosie / YP FIC HOSIE
The Devil's Series
The Devil's Intern
The Devil's Dreamcatcher
Seventeen-year-old Mitchell discovers a time-travel device that will allow him to escape his internship in Hell's accounting office and return to Earth, but his plans to alter the circumstances of his own death take an unexpected turn when his three closest friends in Hell insist on accompanying him back to the land of the living.

Stacey Jay / YP FIC JAY
The Locket
Seventeen-year-old Katie uses a magical locket to change past mistakes in her life, with disastrous results.

Davis Lomax / YP FIC LOMAX
Backward Glass (also available in ebook)
When Kenny Maxwell moves into his family's new yet falling apart Victorian home in 1977, he makes a shocking discovery in the carriage house. Buried inside the wall is a baby's mummified body wrapped in old newspaper, along with a handwritten plea for help.

Meredith McCardle / YP FIC MCCARDLE
The Eighth Guardian
After grueling physical and psychological testing at the elite Peel Academy, Amanda Obermann is chosen to join a secret government organiza-tion to travel through time and change the course of history.

Lurlene McDaniel / YP FIC MCDANIEL
Reaching Through Time: Three Novellas
Three tales of teens reaching into the past to find love.

Keeper of the Black Stones
Shy fourteen-year-old Jason must travel through time to the Middle Ages to join Henry VII's fight against Richard III and stop the man who holds Ja-son's physicist grandfather captive.

Pamela Mingle / YP FIC MINGLE
Kissing Shakespeare
Although her parents are renowned Shakespearean actors, Miranda's performance in a school play is disastrous but before she can get away to hide, Stephen, a castmate, whisks her to sixteenth century England to meet--and save--the young Will Shakespeare.

Alexandra Monir / YP FIC MONIR
Timeless Series
Forced to live with her wealthy, estranged grandparents in New York City after her mother dies, sixteen-year-old Michele retreats to her room where she finds a diary that transports her back to 1910 with life-changing consequences.

Grant Morrison / YP FIC MORRISON
Batman: the Return of Bruce Wayne
After being blasted back in time, Batman awakens with no memory of who he is and embarks on a journey through time fighting evil.

Deborah Noyes / YP FIC NOYES
Plague in the Mirror
Encountering a doppelganger of herself while spending the summer in Florence, May travels through a time portal and falls in love with a painter before discovering that her twin wants to assume her life and trap May in the past.

Johnny O'Brien / YP FIC OBRIEN
Jack Christie Adventure Series
Day of the Assassins
Day of Deliverance
Jack Christie is an ordinary teen that gets drawn into a race to save history after his dad�s secret time travel technology falls into the wrong hands.

Alex Scarrow / YP FIC SCARROW
Timeriders Series
Day of the Predator
The Eternal War
Liam O'Connor, Maddy Carter, and Sal Vikram all should have died. But instead, they have been given a second chance-to work for an agency that no one knows exists. The TimeRiders' mission: to prevent time travel from destroying history-and the future.

Jordan Sonnenblick / YP FIC SONNENBL
Are You Experienced?
When Rich touches a guitar that belonged to Jimi Hendrix he is transported to Woodstock in 1969! There he runs into his 15 year old dad and the uncle who�s tragic death he isn�t supposed to ask about hasn�t even happened yet!

Louise Spiegler / YP FIC SPIEGLER
The Jewel and the Key
After an earthquake, Addie McNeal finds herself jolted back to 1917 just as the United States is entering World War I, where she is drawn to the grand old Jewel Theater which is threatened both then and in the present time, as the United States again is about to enter a war.

Thomas Taylor / YP FIC TAYLOR
Three boys, separated by generations, are linked in their ability to time-travel using their dreams to appear, ghost-like, wherever and whenever they choose, but when Eddie, the first dreamwalker, is targeted by Adam, a dream-terrorist, novice dreamwalker David must stop him.

Cristin Terrill / YP FIC TERRILL
All Our Yesterdays
Em must travel back in time from a ruined future to prevent a catastrophic time machine from ever being invented, while Marina battles to prevent the murder of the boy she loves.

Gaby Triana / YP FIC TRIANA
Summer of Yesterday
As she struggles with her parents' divorce, seventeen-year-old Haley is mysteriously transported to a theme park in the past where she finds love and meets her teenaged mother and father.

Bianca Turetsky / YP FIC TURETSKY
The Time-Traveling Fashionista Series
The Time-Traveling Fashionista
The Time-Traveling Fashionista at the Palace of Marie Antoinette
The Time-Traveling Fashionista and Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile
Fashionista Louise Lambert discovers that she has the power to travel in time by wearing antique dresses.

Mark Twain, adapted by Seymour Chwast / YP FIC TWAIN
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
Seymour Chwast, an icon of the graphic design world, brings the classic tale of time travel to life in comic form.

Carrie Vaughn / YP FIC VAUGHN
When Jill, a competitive high school fencer, goes with her family on vacation to the Bahamas, she is magically transported to an early-eighteenth-century pirate ship in the middle of the ocean.

Rysa Walker / YP FIC WALKER
When a murder in the past destroys the foundation of her present-day life, Kate uses her genetic ability to time-travel to stop the murder and attempt to change the timeline--which may erase the memory of the boy she loves.

Emily Whitman / YP FIC WHITMAN
In 1913 London, fifteen-year-old Addy is a lowly servant, but when she gets inside an elevator car in her employ-er's study, she is suddenly transported to a castle in 1240 and discovers that she is mistaken for the lord's intended bride.

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