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Teen Book Lists: Cold Reads

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Holly Black / YP FIC BLACK
The Coldest Girl in Coldtown (also available in audiobook and ebook)
Tana wakes up following a party in the aftermath of a violent vampire attack, she travels to Coldtown, a quarantined Massachusetts city full of vampires, with her ex-boyfriend and a mysterious vampire boy in tow.

Kate A. Boorman / YP FIC BOORMAN
When the revered leader of her settlement, a dark, isolated land with merciless winters and puritanical rulers, asks Emmeline for her hand it is a rare opportunity, but not only does she love another man, she cannot ignore dreams that urge her into the dangerous and forbidden woods that took her grandmother's life and her family's reputation.

Tim Bowler / YP FIC BOWLER
Frozen Fire
Dusty gets a mysterious call from a boy who says he is going to kill himself, and while he claims to have called her randomly, he seems to know her intimately.

Mary Casanova / YP FIC CASANOVA
Unable to speak or remember the events surrounding her mother's mysterious death eleven years earlier, sixteen-year-old Sadie Rose, the foster child of a corrupt senator in 1920s northern Minnesota, struggles to regain her voice, memory, and identity.

Simon Cheshire / YP FIC CHESHIRE
The Prince and the Snowgirl
Tom Miller has been performing as a look-alike of Prince George of England for several years, but he finally decides to change his appearance and try to figure out who he really is when the real prince makes a surprise appearance while Tom is competing at the UK Inter-Schools Ski Championships in Scotland.

S. D. Crockett / YP FIC CROCKETT
One Crow Alone
Food is expensive. Fuel is rationed. People are hungry, cold, and desperate. Living in an isolated Polish village with her grandmother, fifteen-year-old Magda Krol has no idea of the troubles sweeping across the planet. But when her village is evacuated without her, Magda must make her way alone across the frozen wilderness to Krakow, and then on to London, where she dreams of finding warmth and safety with her long-lost mother.

Melissa De la Cruz / YP FIC DELACRUZ
More than a century after a catastrophic disaster wiped out most of humanity and covered much of the earth with ice, fifteen-year-old Cass yields to the voice in her head urging her to embark on a dangerous journey across a poisoned sea to the mythical land, Blue.

Vicki Delany / YP FIC DELANY
A Winter Kill
When young and inexperienced constable Nicole Patterson discovers the body of a young woman in a snow-covered field, she decides to do what she can to contribute to the investigation, even though she is unauthorized and underqualified.

Cameron Dokey / YP FIC DOKEY
Winter's Child
Free-spirited Grace pushes her best friend Kai away when he declares his love for her, but when Kai leaves home in search of a dazzling Snow Queen, Grace follows him and discovers more about their world and herself.

Kathleen Benner Duble / YP FIC DUBLE
Phantoms in the Snow
In 1944, fifteen-year-old Noah Garrett, recently orphaned, is sent to live at Camp Hale, Colorado, with an uncle he has never met, and there he finds his pacifist views put to the test.

Beth Durst / YP FIC DURST
Cassie learns that her grandmother's fairy tale is true when a Polar Bear King comes to claim her for his bride and she must decide whether to go with him and save her long-lost mother, or continue helping her father with his research.

Stephen Emond / YP FIC EMOND
Winter Town
Evan and Lucy, childhood best friends who grew apart after years of seeing one another only during Christmas break, begin a romance at age seventeen but destructive choices in the wake of family problems, pull them apart.

Catherine Fisher / YP FIC FISHER
The snow-walker Gudrun came from the swirling mists and icy depths beyond the edge of the world to rule the Jarl's people with fear and sorcery, but a small band of outlaws will fight to the death to restore the land to its rightful leader.

Becca Fitzpatrick / YP FIC FITZPATR
Black Ice (also available in audiobook and ebook)
Britt goes hiking in the Grand Tetons of Wyoming with her ex-boyfriend Calvin, but trouble arises when she is caught in a blizzard, taken hostage by fugitives, finds evidence of murders, and learns whom to trust and whom to love.

David Gilman / YP FIC GILMAN
Ice Claw
High in the French Pyrenees, fifteen-year-old Max Gordon's race to win an extreme sports challenge becomes a race to survive when he is accused of causing the death of a mysterious Basque monk who has predicted a cataclysmic ecological disaster.

Jessica Day George / YP FIC GEORGE
Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow
A girl travels east of the sun and west of the moon to free her beloved prince from a magic spell.

Emma Harrison / YP FIC HARRISON
Snow Queen (also available in audiobook)
Tomboy Aubrey is excited to be spending winter break with her best friend, Christie, at the Vermont inn Christie's family owns, but Aubrey gets more than she bargained for when Christie signs her up for the local beauty pageant.

Terry Hokenson / YP FIC HOKENSON
The Winter Road
Willa, still grieving over the death of her older brother and the neglect of her father, decides to fly a small plane to fetch her mother from Northern Ontario, but when the plane crashes she is all alone in the snowy wilderness.

Pat Hughes / YP FIC HUGHES
Open Ice
Hockey has been Nick Taglio's life since he was five years old, so when a massive concussion benches him--possibly for good--everything seems to fall apart, including his schoolwork, his family relationships, his friendships, and his love life.

Philip Kerr / YP FIC KERR
The Winter Horses
Kalinka, a Ukrainian Jewish girl on the run from the Nazis, finds unlikely help from two rare Przewalski horses.

John Green, Lauren Myracle, and Maureen Johnson / YP FIC LET
Let It Snow: Three Holiday Romances
In three intertwining short stories, several high school couples experience the trials and tribulations along with the joys of romance during a Christmas Eve snowstorm in a small town.

R. C. Lewis / YP FIC LEWIS
Stiching Snow
A futuristic retelling of Snow White in which seventeen-year-old Essie, a master at repairing robots and drones on the frozen mining planet Thanda, is pulled into a war by the handsome and mysterious Dane after his shuttle crash-lands near her home.

Deb Loughead / YP FIC LOUGHEAD
The Snowball Effect
In order fit in with his friends, Dylan throws snowballs filled with rocks at passing cars, but when there is an accident, he is the only one to go to the driver's aid, for which he gets hailed as a hero, which makes him increasingly uneasy.

Jean-Claude Mourlevat / YP FIC MOURLEVA
The Snowball Effect
Fleeing across icy mountains from a pack of terrifying dog-men sent to hunt them down, four teenagers escape from their prison-like boarding schools to take up the fight against the tyrannical government that murdered their parents fifteen years earlier.

Jackson Pearce / YP FIC PEARCE
Cold Spell
When her boyfriend disappears with a mysterious girl, seventeen-year-old Ginny leaves her hometown of Atlanta and fights wolves, escapes thieves, and braves the cold to rescue him.

Terry Pratchett / YP FIC PRATCHET
Wintersmith (also available on audiobook)
When witch-in-training Tiffany Aching accidentally interrupts the Dance of the Seasons and awakens the interest of the elemental spirit of Winter, she requires the help of the six-inch-high, sword-wielding, sheep-stealing Wee Free Men to put the seasons aright.

Chris Priestley / YP FIC PRIESTLE
The Dead of Winter
In Victorian England an orphaned boy goes to stay with his strange guardian in a desolate, moated manor house during a cold and snowy Christmas, where he soon realises that the house and its grounds harbor many secrets, dead and alive.

Jeff Ross / YP FIC ROSS
The Drop
Alex wants to be a part of the elite Backcountry Patrol of snowboarders, but first he and three other hopefuls--Dave, Bryce, and Hope--must endure a series of tests that forces them to confront their own fears and the treacherous mountain terrain.

Matt Whyman / YP FIC WHYMAN
Icecore: a Carl Hobbes Thriller
Seventeen-year-old Englishman Carl Hobbes meant no harm when he hacked into Fort Knox's security system, but at Camp Twilight in the Arctic Circle, known as the Guantanamo Bay of the north, he is tortured to reveal information about a conspiracy of which he was never a part.

J. H. Williams III / YP FIC WILLIAMS and Don Curtis Johnson
Batman: Snow
A stirring story that tells the origin of the deadly Batman villain, Mr. Freeze, from a new perspective! A family tragedy, coupled with the creation of an untested technological development, forges the obession of a super-villain. And a young Batman, early in his career, must assemble a strike force to help him deal with this frosty foe!

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