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YA Book Lists: Get "Glee"-ful

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Josie Bloss / YP FIC BLOSS
Band Geeked Out
As her senior year of high school nears the end, marching band member Ellie finds herself doubting her plans for the future when she meets a fascinating and sophisticated girl while taking a tour of a college out of state.

Lauren Bjorkman
My Invented Life
During rehearsals for Shakespeare's "As You Like It," sixteen-year-old Roz, jealous of her cheerleader sister's acting skills and heartthrob boyfriend, invents a new identity, with unexpected results.

Maria Boyd / YP FIC BOYD
Seventeen-year-old Will's behavior has been getting him in trouble at his all-boys school in Sydney, Australia, but his latest punishment, playing in the band for a musical production, gives him new insights into his fellow students and helps him cope with an incident he has tried to forget.

Jen Calonita / YP FIC CALONITA
Broadway Lights
Hollywood teen starlet Kaitlin Burke moves to New York for the summer to appear in a Broadway show, all the while worrying about her boyfriend back in Los Angeles, her handsome new co-star, and the offstage drama going on around her.

Erin Dionne / YP FIC DIONNE
Notes from an Accidental Band Geek
French horn virtuoso Elsie Wyatt resents having to join her high school's marching band playing a melliphone, but finally finds a sense of belonging that transcends the pressure she has always felt to be as good as her father, principal french horn player in the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Paul Fleischman / YP FIC FLEISCHM
A comic drama which combines famous scenes from well-known plays to create something to keep the audience guessing to the very end.

Adele Geras / YP FIC GERAS
Happy Endings
Mel encounters a tangled web of relationships and her first romance when she is cast in a local theater company's production of "Three Sisters."

Glee: The official William McKinley High School Yearbook
Documents the senior year of such characters as Rachel Berry, Kirt Hummel, and Finn Hudson, in an official fan's reference that celebrates the misadventures and slushies of a memorable year at William McKinley High.

Traci L. Jones / YP FIC JONES
Silhouetted by the Blue
After the death of her mother in an automobile accident, seventh-grader Serena, who has gotten the lead in her middle school play, is left to handle the day-to-day challenges of caring for herself and her younger brother when their father cannot pull himself out of his depression.

Derek Kirk Kim / YP FIC KIM
Good as Lily
A strange mishap on her eighteenth birthday causes Grace Kwon to be confronted with herself at three different periods in her life â??ages six, twenty-nine, and seventy--while she and her friends struggle to save a crumbling school play.

Kathe Koja / YP FIC KOJA
Hoping to escape from himself for awhile, Kit auditions for a controversial school play and discovers his talent for acting, struggles with coming out, and both he and his costar face crises in their view of themselves and in their close relationships.

Sophia Lowell / YP FIC LOWELL
Glee: The Beginning
A prequel to the television show explores what happened before Mr. Schuester took over the glee club, showing the beginning of Puck and Quinn's romance and how the club functioned without its leader.

Glee: Foreign Exchange
When McKinley High invites a French glee club to town, Kurt gets an entourage, Finn falls for a new girl, and Puck realizes his suave moves may get lost in translation.

Marlene Perez / YP FIC PEREZ
The Comeback
High school junior Sophie can almost handle having her boyfriend and her lead in the school play stolen by a beautiful new student, but when her social status plummets, Sophie declares war.

Douglass Rees / YP FIC REES
The Juliet Spell
When Miranda loses the role of Juliet in her school's production of "Romeo & Juliet," she casts a spell to retrieve the role, and accidentally brings Edmund Shakespeare, William Shakespeare's younger brother, to the present.

Christy Carlson Romano / YP FIC ROMANO
Grace's Turn
Grace di Giovanni tries to outmaneuver a rival in order to get the leading role in her high school's musical, which, she hopes, will lead to a career on Broadway.

Paul Ruditis / YP FIC RUDITIS
The Devil's in the Diva
Follows aspiring actor Brian Stark as he survives the daily dramas of his posh high school in Malibu and all the events leading up to the lavish spring musical.

Kieran Scott / YP FIC SCOTT
Geek Magnet
Seventeen-year-old KJ Miller is determined to lose the label of "geek magnet" and get the guy of her dreams, all while stage managing the high school musical, with the help of the most popular girl in school.

Lisa Shanahan / YP FIC SHANAHAN
The Sweet, Terrible, Glorious Year I Truly, Completely Lost It
Gemma Stone struggles to understand her shifting emotions as her older sister plans her wedding, she overcomes her nerves and tries out for the school play, and she gets to know one of the most notorious boys in her class.

Polly Shulman / YP FIC SHULMAN
Julie and Ashleigh, high school sophomores and Jane Austen fans, seem to fall for the same Mr. Darcy-like boy and struggle to hide their true feelings from one another while rehearsing for a school musical.

David Stahler / YP FIC STAHLER
Spinning Out
Frenchy and Stewart, two Northern Vermont high school seniors, try out for the school musical, "Man of La Mancha," but when Stewart is cast as Don Quixote he soon becomes obsessed with his role and Frenchy must try to overcome his own demons to help his friend stay grounded in reality.

Tui Sutherland / YP FIC SUTHERLAND
This Must be Love
Two good friends tell of strange occurrences between themselves and the boys they like during a high school production of "Romeo and Juliet," which are reminiscent of the magical world of William Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream."

Jake Wizner / YP FIC WIZNER
Castration Celebration
Two high school students in a summer arts program at Yale University collaborate on an "anti-guy musical" with the working title, Castration Celebration.

Allen Zadoff / YP FIC ZADOFF
My Life, the Theater, and Other Tragedies
While working backstage on a high school production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream," Adam develops feelings for a beautiful actress â?? violating an unwritten code â?? and begins to overcome the grief that has controlled him since his father's death.

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