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YA Book Lists: Psychic Teen Fiction

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Jennifer Allison / YP FIC ALLSION
The Gilda Joyce: Psychic Investigator series
Gilda Joyce, Psychic Investigator
Gilda Joyce: The Ladies of the Lake
Gilda Joyce: The Ghost Sonata
Gilda Joyce: The Dead Drop
Gilda Joyce: The Bones of the Holy
Gilda Joyce begins the series at thirteen years old. She is determined to start up a psychic investigator business, and she is determined to become a successful author. The situations that she finds herself in seem to help her with these ambitions.

Artist C. Arthur / YP FIC ARTHUR
The Mystyx series
These teens in this series find that they have the ability to communicate with the dead. The teens help the dead, but they also have to learn how to handle their abilities and how others (including family) will handle learning about their abilities.

Jessica Bendinger / YP FIC BENDINGER
The Seven Rays
Seventeen-year-old Beth finds that she now has psychic abilities after receiving a note that strangely says "You are more than you think you are", and while she deals with these new and confusing abilities and everyone else in her life, she also is receiving strange packages in the mail.

Robin Benway / YP FIC BENWAY
The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, and June
After their parents' divorce, these sisters find out they have powers that help them cope with all of the changes that are happening around them, but the sisters also wonder if these powers are meant to also help others.

Herbie Brennan / YP FIC BRENNAN
The Shadow Project series
The Shadow Project
The Doomsday Box
Danny Lipman is an orphan and a thief living in London with his grandmother. Danny stumbles on a secret project, and those running it are soon interested in Danny, who has the abilities needed for the project. The Shadow Project, he learns, is a joint MI6/CIA program that needs teens like Danny to "remote view" or astral project and gather intelligence. Danny signs on after being promised help for his grandmother, but this project might not be as safe as Danny was told.

Isobelle Carmody / YP FIC CARMODY
Alyzon Whitestarr
Alyzon seems to be the only "normal" one in a family of extraordinary people. Then after an accident, Alyzon finds that colors are more vibrant, her memory is much better, and she can "smell" people. Alyzon is comforted by friends and family's smells, but why does the cutest boy in school smell so terrible? Alyzon may soon wish to go back to the "normal" that she used to be.

Kristi Cook / YP FIC COOK
The Haven series
Violet thinks she is losing her mind when she has a vision of her father's murder. When the murder actually happens, Violet's world falls apart. When she has other premonitions, people do not believe her. Then she starts school at Winterhaven, and the other students have similar abilities. Violet starts to fill included. Then she starts having premonitions of the boy she like's death, and it also seems that she is the one who causes it. Will she be able to find out what is going on in time to stop it?

Megan Crewe / YP FIC CREWE
Give Up the Ghost
Cass's only friends seem to be her dead sister and the ghosts at school. In fact, she uses the ghosts at school to help her discover and spread the secrets of the other students as revenge. Then the student council VP finds out about her ability and wants her to help contact his mother. Will that be the only thing she can help him with?

Kimberly Derting / YP FIC DERTING
The Body Finder series
The Body Finder
Desires of the Dead
The Last Echo
Ever since she was a little girl, Violet has been able to find murder victims (even animals), and she can tell who the individual is that killed them. Then, Violet has to face a serial killer, comes to the attention of the FBI, and has to deal with the changes in her feelings for her best friend, Jay.

Kim Harrington / YP FIC HARRINGT
The Clarity series
Clarity "Clare" Fern is part of a family of psychics, and even though she doesn't want to help him, her ex-boyfriend needs her help to solve a teenage girl's murder. Soon, Clare's brother's gift turns him into the prime suspect, and now she has to help. Clare teams up with detective's son to solve the case, but will her gifts be enough?

Stacey Kade / YP FIC KADE
The Ghost and the Goth series
The Ghost and the Goth
Queen of the Dead
Body & Soul
Alona Dare is having bad morning when she gets hit by a bus during gym and ends up haunting the school. Will Killian, a "goth" and loner who can talk to ghosts, is the only one she can talk to. Will doesn't want to talk to Alona either, but he wants peace, and so he agrees to help her cross over. Can they work together to accomplish this feat?

Anna Kendall / YP FIC KENDALL
Crossing Over (also on audiobook)
Roger Kilbourn has the ability to "cross-over" into the land of the dead. Roger's uncle has used this gift for years, but Roger has escaped him and works at the palace laundry. Things are not safe for him here, either. There are some at court who want Roger to use his gifts to bring the dead back to this world, and they offer Roger the life he dreams of. Will it be worth the price?

Carol Matas / YP FIC MATAS
The Minds series
Of Two Minds
More Minds
Princess Lenora has the ability to make anything she imagines real and Prince Coren, her future husband, can read minds. The two face down many challenges on the way to their wedding including overthrowing a tyrant to get home and a crumbling of the "balance."

Saundra Mitchell / YP FIC MITCHELL
The Vespertine
The Springsweet
In the summer of 1889, Amelia van den Broek has just made it to Baltimore. Then, Amelia starts having dream-like visions at sunset that show her the future. Soon, the people around her want to learn what Amelia knows. Amelia is drawn to Nathaniel, even though she knows he is keeping secrets, and when something bad happens, people wonder whether Amelia is "causing" things to happen. Amelia's world is turned upside down.

Marlene Perez / YP FIC PEREZ (most are under YP AD FIC)
The Dead Is â?¦ series
Dead is the New Black (only on audio)
Dead is a State of Mind (only on audio)
Dead is So Last Year (only on audio)
Dead is Just a Rumor (only on audio)
Dead is Not an Option (on audio, too)
Dead is a Battlefield
Dead is a Killer Tune
Everyone in the Giordano family is psychic, and they use these abilities to solve cases all over Nightshade, Calif. In this world, the sisters face vampires, werewolves, an anti-paranormal group and many other strange things.

Wendy Corsi Staub / YP FIC STAUB
The Lily Dale series
Lily Dale: Awakening
Lily Dale: Believing
Lily Dale: Connecting
After losing her mother, Lily Dale moves in with her psychic grandmother in New York, within a spiritualist community. There, Lily learns some secrets about her mother, and she also learns that she might also have some abilities. Will Lily be able to handle learning about her new abilities, and will those abilities lead her to some unanswered questions about her mother's death?

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