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Teen Book Lists: Wizards, Witches, & Warlocks

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Josephine Angelini / YP FIC ANGELINI
Worldwalker Series
Lily Proctor is transported from her hometown of Salem to an alternate universe filled with horrifying creatures and powerful ruling women, including Lily's other self.
Trial by Fire

Kasi Blake / YP FIC BLAKE
The Noah triplets have a secret. All three of them are witches. Every they wage a war against one another. Whomever can make a boy fall hopelessly in love with her without breaking the spell wins.

Virginia Boecker / YP FIC BOECKER
The Witch Hunter
Set in an alter native 16th century England, Elizabeth Grey is the only girl in the king's elite group of witch hunters. When she's framed for being a witch herself, Elizabeth finds freedom at the hands of the world's most wanted wizard and her loyalties are tested.

Cassandra Clare / YP FIC CLARE
The Bane Chronicles
A collection of eleven short stories, previously published online, that illuminate the life of the enigmatic, flashy, and flamboyant High Warlock of Brooklyn, Magnus Bane, a character in The Mortal Instruments series.
(Also available in audiobook)

Cassandra Rose Clarke / YP FIC CLARKE
The Wizard's Promise
When her boat is blown off course, Hanna, apprentice to a grumpy fisherman, finds herself far away from home where she learns about her master's checkered past and is followed by a merboy who needs her help.

Tina Connolly / YP FIC CONNOLLY
Seriously Wicked
Cam's adopted mother is a wicked witch who wants Cam to be just like her, even as Cam tries to stop her plans for ruling the world, including the latest, which involves summoning a demon that now possesses one of the boys at Cam's school.

Melisa De la Cruz / YP FIC DELACRUZ
Triple Moon
Twin witches (a nd Nor se goddesses) Molly and Mardi Overbrook are sent to North Hampton for the summer where they must learn to control their powers before the White Council exiles them to Limbo.

Sara B. Elfgren / YP FIC ELFGREN
Engelsfors Trilogy
Discovering their supernatural abilities in the aftermath of a classmate's apparent suicide, six girls learn of their destiny to fight an ancient evil, an effort that challenges them to overcome their differences.
The Circle
The Key

Brittany Geragotelis / YP FIC GERAGOTTE
Life's a Witch Series
Popular high schooler Hadley Bishop, a descendant of the first woman executed in the Salem witch trials, must face down an evil, supernatural presence from the past.
What the Spell?
Life's a Witch
The Witch is Back

Claudia Gray / YP FIC GRAY
Spellcaster Series
Descended from witches, Nadia can tell as soon as her family moves to Captive's Sound that the town is under a dark and powerful spell.
Sorceress (also available in audiobook)

Alyxandra Harvey / YP FIC HARVEY
The Lovegrove Legacy
When three cousins in 1814 London discover their magical powers and family lineage of witchcraft, they accidentally open the gates to the underworld.
A Breath of Frost
Whisper the Dead

Michael Hague / YP FIC HAGUE
Eye of Newt
Newt--a young wizard's apprentice--embarks on a wonderful and perilous quest through the mysterious Netherworld and beyond, he learns a dark secret that could reshape his entire universe!

Michelle Krys / YP FIC KRYS
Hexed Series
Popular cheer leader Indigo Blackwood, sixteen, finds her perfect life threatened when Bishop, a tattooed, leather-clad stranger, tells her the family Bible just stolen from the attic of her mother's occult shop could mean the end to all witches, including, he says, Indigo herself.
Hexed (also available in audiobook and ebook)

Kendall Kulper / YP FIC KULPER
Drift and Dagger
As a boy in the late nineteenth century, Mal's only friend was Essie, daughter of the Roe witch, and it was she who discovered that he is a "blank," not affected by magic, traveling the globe in search of a legendary magical dagger that can steal a witch's power.
Salt and Storm
Avery Roe wants to take her rightful place as the sea witch of Prince Island. When she foresees her own murder, a harpoon boy named Tane promises to help her change her fate and keep her island safe and prosperous.

Victoria Lamb / YP FIC LAMB
The Tudor Witch Trilogy
Secretly practicing her magical gifts at the palace of banished Tudor princess Elizabeth, Meg Lytton struggles to rebuff a marriage suit by witchfinder Marcus Dent, who is conspiring against the queen along with Meg's own family.

Shana Mlawski / YP FIC MLAWSKI
Hammer of Witches
Bookmaker's apprentice Baltasar, pursued by the Inquisition, escapes by joining Columbus's expedition and discovers magical secrets about his own past that his family had tried to keep hidden.

Jennifer Murgia / YP FIC MURGIA
Forest of Whispers
When her deceased witch mother begins urging her to seek vengeance for her death, sixteen-year-old Rune leaves the forest she calls home to learn more about the legacy to which she is bound.

D. M. Paige / YP FIC PAIGE
Dorothy Must Die Series
Whisked to Oz by a Kansas twister, Amy Gumm discovers that the magical land has been destroyed by Dorothy's tyrannical rule
Dorothy Must Die (also available in ebook)
The Wicked Will Rise (also available in ebook)
Yellow Brick War (also available in ebook)
Dorothy Must Die: Stories

James Patterson / YP FIC PATTERSON
Witch and Wizard Series
Torn from their parents in a society increasingly controlled by the government, 15-year-old Wisty and her older brother, Whit, are incarcerated in a totalitarian prison where they discover they have incredible supernatural powers.
Witch & Wizard
The Gift (also available in audiobook)
The Fire (also available in large print and audiobook)
The Kiss (also available in audiobook)
The Lost (also available in audiobook)

Kathryn Rose / YP FIC Rose
Camelot Burning
Vivienne, lady-in-waiting to the future queen Guinevere, is secretly apprenticed to Merlin the magician and helps him try to create a steam-powered metal beast to defeat Morgan La Fey, King Arthur's sorceress sister, when she declares war on Camelot.

Rainbow Rowell / YP FIC ROWELL
Carry On
English-born orphan Simon Snow is the most hapless hero the World of Mages has ever seen. As the prophesied Chosen One, Si-mon finds his immense magical power is near-ly out of his control at the best of times. Now in his final year at school, he is surrounded by mysteries: his own missing parents, his distant girlfriend, ghosts, and surviving the final showdown with the Insidious Humdrum.
(Also available in audiobook and ebook)

Sherry M. Thomas / YP FIC THOMAS
The Elemental Trilogy
A young elemental mage named Iaolanthe Seabourne discovers her shocking power and destiny when she is thrown together with a deposed prince to lead a rebellion against a tyrant.
The Burning Sky (also available in ebook)
The Perilous Sea (also available in ebook)
The Immortal Heights

Scott Tracey / YP FIC TRACEY
The Legacy of Moonset Series
Five orphaned teenagers, the offspring of a terrorist witch coven known as Moonset, struggle against the destructive legacy left by their parents.

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