Audio clip: Clarence Wood

Clarence Wood recounts his reaction to news of Pearl Harbor:

Luke Alvey-Henderson (interviewer): So where were you and what were you doing when you heard about Pearl Harbor?

Clarence Wood: I was at the Texas City Sun paper, folding some papers that were sent out to the oil companies once a week. That was on a Sunday afternoon. And I heard it on the radio.

LAH: And do you remember what your immediate reaction was to hearing that?

CW: Yes, I remember saying, "Oh my goodness, we’re in really deep trouble now." Since they explained about the bombing over at Pearl Harbor, and all our ships being sunk, and all our airplanes being destroyed over there. I said, "My, they’re going to invade us before long."

LAH: So that had to be something that was a new feeling, to actually feel apprehension that your very nation itself was in peril—

CW: It was very much. Yes it was. I was really kind of scared, I guess you might say.

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