Audio clip: Mary Ann Reed

Mary Ann Reed has never forgotten where she was the day Pearl Harbor was attacked:

Mary Ann Reed: I have a very vivid memory of the day that Pearl Harbor was bombed. We happened to be—it was on a Sunday—we happened to be visiting my aunt and uncle, who had a farm in Hutto, Texas.

And I can remember the whole family gathering around the little radio that was in the living room and the adults were so concerned and upset and worried about this that I immediately discerned that something terrible had happened. I had absolutely no idea where Pearl Harbor was. I thought we'd be bombed [at] any minute. (Laughs.) Later on, the adults took me aside and explained that we really were far away from the fighting but our country was going to be at war.

It's funny, one of the—I was sitting on the floor and I can remember exactly the pattern of the rug where I was sitting because I was sitting there looking at the floor while the adults were discussing this terrible event that had happened to our country. And I'll never forget that; you know, it's very vivid in my memory.

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